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I have a long-standing policy of making myself and my resources available to anyone who wishes to learn to manage a firearm safely and properly. I strongly believe that everyone should be familiar with the proper handling of weapons regardless of whether or not they own one. Additionally, I believe the discipline and self control which is the core of shooting sports has extensive positive effects on all who pursue them. In recent months I have spoken to Scott and Kyle about this and they have agreed to join me in this offer.

We invite anyone in Atlanta who is interested in learning to shoot and to manage a weapon properly to the range. We will provide instruction in safety and weapon handling and a chance to try a variety of firearms for instructional purposes. The only cost will be for whatever ammunition is used. This offer extends to both rifle and shotgun instruction as well as handguns of all types. Pistol instruction will take place at an indoor range in northeast Atlanta, while rifle and shotgun courses will be at a Department of Natural Resources outdoor range east of the city.

If you are interested email us at learntoshoot -at- sammytaylor.net

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  1. Ethereal says:

    Hey Sammy!

    I am interested in obtaining a concealed weapon permit. What is the first step?

    With love,
    (cousin) Heather

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