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Learning To Fight

Learning To Fight is a blog written by Claire Berlinski. Those who know me will recognize a frequent theme of mine in this post. The human propensity for violence is undeniable, and makes the human capacity for civilization all the … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide

Over at NRO, Kathryn Jean Lopez has interviewed Frank Miniter about his new book; The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide. It looks like a good read. Mr Miniters philosophy will be familiar to readers of this site. I especially liked this … Continue reading

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ESR Is Back On Line

Eric S. Raymond is blogging again after two years absence. I have greatly enjoyed his writing over the years and his new posts continue that trend. His bit on Heller and its possible effect on the election was right on. … Continue reading

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A Boys Life

In his autobiography, Theodore Roosevelt wrote this wonderful passage: The children had pets of their own, too, of course. Among them guinea pigs were the stand-bys—their highly unemotional nature fits them for companionship with adoring but over-enthusiastic young masters and … Continue reading

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Black And White World III

Congratulations to Cox & Forkum on the release of their new book BLACK & WHITE WORLD III. They are taking orders on line at that link and if you order before 6 Nov you can even have a signed copy. … Continue reading

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Restoring the Lost Constitution

Laissez-Faire Books is selling “Restoring the Lost Constitution: The Presumption of Liberty” by Professor Randy Barnett for a mere $12.71. I read this piece two summers ago and I feel it is required reading for every American. It provides an … Continue reading

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Danger Close: The Michael Yon Story

I started reading Michael Yon’s blog last year while he was embedded with soldiers in Iraq and it was some of the best writing about the war there I have found. He is former US Special Forces and was able … Continue reading

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The Caged Virgin

I just purchased Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s “The Caged Virgin“ after reading this essay, which is part of the book. Comments to follow.

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