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In Defense of Predation

This is a great piece.

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Tastes Just Like Chicken…Both of ’em..

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Video of the Guatemala Sink Hole

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Eyjafjallajökull Ash Cloud

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B.C. Retreiver Defends Against Cougar Attack

Angel the golden retriever is shown after a battle with a cougar in Boston Bar, B.C. in this RCMP handout photo. The way Lloyd Forman sees it, his 11-year-old grandson was saved by an Angel. That’s the name of the … Continue reading

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“lawn ornament fight – lost.”

…That’s what the tag supposedly says. It appears Bambi here (down range) picked a fight with the 640 pound concrete statue of an elk in the foreground. Bambi lost, and is in the freezer.

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Water Drops

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Strange Cloud Formation

From we get these very interesting photos of a recent storm in Moscow. A few days ago a big storm clouds brought by a strong wind covered Moscow. People don’t know what was the reason for this, nor nothing … Continue reading

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Oh Holy …

From The Billings Gazette we have this: It was a one-in-a-million shot, but luckily for Ron J. Leming, his father accurately fired the arrow from his bow the one time it counted the most – as a 500-pound grizzly bear … Continue reading

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Rough Seas For Kitty Hawk

Update: Bear in mind as you watch this that U.S.S. Kitty Hawk is 1,069 feet long, 282 feet wide at the deck, and displaces over 80,000 tons. Her flight deck is sixty feet above water, making that wave approximate to … Continue reading

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North Pole Melting

According to this article in the lefty UK paper, “The Independent,” the ice at the north pole is melting, and they of course blame global warming. However, I also noticed this article about volcanic eruptions shaking the Arctic Ocean floor … Continue reading

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Man Attacked By Grizzly = Dead Grizzly

From CBC News: A man from B.C.’s Interior not only survived being mauled by a grizzly — he killed the bear as well. John Shorter, 38, was hiking near Dease Lake in Northern B.C. Tuesday when he said he smelled … Continue reading

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Corn Fed Venison

This is one of the funniest posts I’ve seen…

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This Will Wake You Up

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Grizzly vs. Caribou

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