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Hilarious Patents

Title: Beerbrella
Document Type and Number: United States Patent 6637447
Abstract: The present invention provides a small umbrella (“Beerbrella”) which may be removably attached to a beverage container in order to shade the beverage container from the direct rays of the sun. The apparatus comprises a small umbrella approximately five to seven inches in diameter, although other appropriate sizes may be used within the spirit and scope of the present invention. Suitable advertising and/or logos may be applied to the umbrella surface for promotional purposes. The umbrella may be attached to the beverage container by any one of a number of means, including clip, strap, cup, foam insulator, or as a coaster or the like. The umbrella shaft may be provided with a pivot to allow the umbrella to be suitably angled to shield the sun or for aesthetic purposes. In one embodiment, a pivot joint and counterweight may be provided to allow the umbrella to pivot out of the way when the user drinks from the container.

Site Author’s Commentary:
6637447 Beerbrella “Keeps the sun off your beer (no, I am not kidding). One would think that those little insulating sleeves would be much more effective, but perhaps they were worried about their beer getting sunburned.”
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DE-Motivation is inspiring

A colleague at my husband’s work showed me this website last week, but it didn’t really sink in until we were discussing it last night with a group of people. I thought this was a great website to include here! … Continue reading

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Teens and Technology

This article was in the editiorial section of the AJC this morning and I thought it was interesting reading. Here is the original product: Mosquito. I didn’t know this was in existence. I guess I should read more. Apparently the … Continue reading

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