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Time To Fight…..Again

Another bill has been brought up in the Georgia Legislature that need to be knocked down. has the bill listed as SB 12, but it has also been referenced in other places as HB 12. In either case, the … Continue reading

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Smart Stick

I couldn’t resist posting this for Sammy.

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Guinness Comercial

I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but it’s entertaining.

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Fischer Motorcycles

Finally, an American motorcycle company that I can get behind! I’ve said for years that The Motor Company is overly obsessed with “retro” styling and antiquated technology in it’s motorcycles. Thus, I do not own one. Enter Fischer Motor Company … Continue reading

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Before You Vote Tomorrow…

do a little research on the various political races. I printed out a sample of the 2006 Cobb County ballot today (admittedly last minute) to see what my options are and attempt to make an informed decision on each sector. … Continue reading

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Ducati Desmosedici RR

While some may not appreciate this for what it is, it’s truly amazing how the world of motorcycles has developed in the last two decades. Now, Ducati has upped the bar a notch by producing, in very limited quantity and … Continue reading

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Good Shooting

Here is a link to a story about a Marine that serves as the designated marksman for Kilo Company. Being able to shoot well is one thing, being able to shoot well when someone is shooting back is entirely different. … Continue reading

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Counter Sniping,15240,102328,00.html? Thought a few of you might enjoy this.

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