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Who needs progress

Some of you may be familiar with the Guedelon project, but I certainly wasn’t and came upon an interesting article on it today. The basic gist is that craftsmen are working on the construction of a historically accurate medieval castle … Continue reading

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And then there were 8

Well the votes are in and Pluto is out. At a recent meeting of the International Astronomical Union in Prague, skywatchers debated and voted on a new definition of the term “planet” and Pluto lost. As of Aug. 24th, 2006, … Continue reading

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Are they f**king kidding me?

So with the f**king Hezbollah blowing the sh*t out of everything, CNN decided this is one of their “top” f**king stories? Give me a f**king break.

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How’s this for a gun?

This came from a paper in the recent issue of the Journal of Neuroscience (see below for link to full text). This pneumatic capillary gun is a recent advance from a group at the University of California and is designed … Continue reading

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