Kurt Schlichter: Time For Conservatives To Get Ruthless Fighting For Free Speech

Liberals, having lost the battle of ideas because their crummy, corrupt collectivist ideas suck, want to ban our ideas because people are naturally going to choose our ideas over theirs. Well, normal people are, because we know we would pick up the tab for their Utopia. The thing about leftists is that their ideas about the need for command and control over every aspect of human life always presume they will be the ones personally commanding and controlling. You will never meet a young socialist who looks forward to a proletarian career picking up garbage or cleaning toilets.
Here’s the undeniable fact: Liberals are actively pro-censorship. They scoff at this fact because everyone knows that it’s the liberals who are open-minded and us conservatives who seek to muzzle the yearning voices of the masses. But, as you should presume about absolutely everything a liberal says is, this too is a lie. 
Liberals love censorship.

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