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Audie Murphy

With the enemy tanks abreast of his position, Second Lieutenant Murphy climbed on the burning tank destroyer, which was in danger of blowing up at any moment, and employed its .50 caliber machinegun against the enemy. He was alone and … Continue reading

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The Best a Man Can Get

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Baizuo (/ˈbaɪˌtswɔː/;[1] Chinese: 白左 báizuǒ, literally “white left“[2]) is a derogatory Chinese neologism used to refer to Western leftist liberal elites.[3][4][5] It refers to the left faction in the culture wars in Western politics,[original research?] implying support of multiculturalism, political correctness and positive discrimination. In more than 400 answers submitted by Zhihu users during 2015 to May 2017, the term … Continue reading

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