Charlie Martin: “It’s not our fault it’s the algorithms.”

An algorithm almost always reflects the biases of those who wrote it and of those who trained it…

The controversy about apparent liberal bias in social media seems to have come to a head with the recent collaborative deplatforming of Alex Jones, along with Shopify renouncing its free speech pledge and removing storefronts from four gun and ammunition dealers, New York governor Andrew Cuomo pressuring banks to not do business with companies of which Como doesn’t approve — “Nice bank you have there. It would be a shame if the New York Attorney General decided to investigate.”

We at PJ have certainly had our own bad experience with this — Bridget Johnson was blocked from Twitter for weeks, Jim Treacher has been blocked twice in the course of a few days — and of course there are a dozen other examples.

When pressed about it, the answer is always “algorithms.” “It’s not our fault it’s the algorithms.” So what are they talking about?


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