What to do with Terrorists at Guantánamo Bay?

Obama has promised to close Guantánamo Bay by early next year, but the question remains–what do we do with the terrorists / enemy combatants currently held there? Speaker Pelosi doesn’t want them at Alcatraz. Senator Roberts doesn’t want them at Leavenworth. House Democrats say no to funding to close Guantánamo until the Administration comes up with a plan.Yucca Mountain - North Portal

Coincidentally, part of Obama’s recent cuts to the budget include shutting down the Yucca Mountain long-term nuclear-waste facility in Nevada. The thought occurs to me, if we’re not going to use it for nuclear waste, let’s put the terrorists there! Wikipedia says the main tunnel is 5 miles long and 25 feet wide with several cathedral-like alcoves branching off. It seems pretty secure.

As an aside, I don’t have a problem with putting nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain–nuclear material does come from underground in the first place after all–but a better solution is to build a Reprocessing Reactor an reprocess it. It’s what France does, and what we were going to do until Ford and Carter came up with the bright idea that not reprocessing would somehow keep other countries from going nuclear. Considering Pakistan, North Korea, and Iran, it doesn’t seem to have worked.

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