Time To Fight…..Again

Another bill has been brought up in the Georgia Legislature that need to be knocked down. www.georgiapacking.org has the bill listed as SB 12, but it has also been referenced in other places as HB 12. In either case, the bill applies to the encoding of ammunition. Manufacturers of ammunition, including me as a hand loader, will be required to use bullets that are encoded (serialized). Basically, if the bill is passed, any handgun ammo you currently have on-hand will be illegal after January 2010. Since I haven’t been able to determine which section of the legislature the bill is in, I suggest we contact both senators and representatives.

I really don’t understand the reasoning behind the bill. Assuming the base of the bullet were required to beĀ  encoded, I suspect cast bullets would be unreadable after firing due to melting of the lead during the discharge of the round. More to the point, the bill only impact those who legally obtain their ammo. The crooks are still left at bay. Finally, the cost of replacing the ammo currently on-hand is enormous.

What a dumb idea…….


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