The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide

Over at NRO, Kathryn Jean Lopez has interviewed Frank Miniter about his new book; The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide.
It looks like a good read. Mr Miniters philosophy will be familiar to readers of this site. I especially liked this line

After all, when the police come, they’ll be happy to bring the body bags, but would you rather they brought one for you, or for the intruder?

You can get it here:

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  1. Scott says:

    I found this question puzzling, but his answer was great:

    LOPEZ: You say that “a modern hero needs to be able to hold, feed, and change a baby.” Is this your subtle way of saying that raising the kid is women’s work?

    MINITER: No, it’s my straightforward way of saying a real man changes diapers.

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