Police shoot woman suspected of wounding man with arrow LAST

This is just silly. The Houston Chronicle reports on todays events at Texas Components Corp. in northwest Houston with the following headline:

Police shoot woman suspected of wounding man with arrow

HPD sergeant fired after woman pointed hunting bow and arrow at him, police say

Read the article though and you find this way down at paragraph seven:

After walking into the company’s micro-electronics division, Parker shot Silva with an arrow and then pointed the apparent gun at two other employees, police said.

Those employees, who are licensed to carry concealed handguns, fired “numerous” shots at Parker, hitting her several times, investigators said.

Parker dropped her pistol, which later was found not to be a real gun, and retreated to an office with the bow and arrow, officers said. Workers at nearby businesses took cover and called police.

Police arrived about 3:15 p.m. and were told the woman was hiding in one of the rooms inside the office building. As the officers tried to rescue Silva, Sgt. M.S. O’Neil saw Parker pointing her bow and an arrow at him and drawing back the string, police said.

O’Neil, a 23-year HPD veteran, ordered her several times to drop the bow, police said. He fired several shots as she continued to point it at him, they said.

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  1. Scott says:

    Actually, why did the police officer even shoot her?! They could have just left her holed up in the room she was in until she passed out from blood loss, among other things that come to mind. Not that I care that much but the two workers were completely justified in shooting her, while the cop shooting seems to be on pretty shaky ground.

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