Paging Fox Butterfield

James Taranto’s Best of the Web Today column on the Wall Street Journal’s opinion page has long noted how reporters often see a paradox between decreased crime rates and increased numbers of criminals incarcerated, ignoring an obvious explanation: If criminals are in prison, it’s difficult for them to be out committing crimes. Reporter Fox Butterfield wrote a few of these type articles, and now similar ones get filed under the title, “Paging Fox Butterfield” or something similar.

Now the Gwinnett Daily Post has a similar article. Here are some relevant quotes:

Officials say gun permit applications in Gwinnett skyrocketed by more than 85 percent in 2008.

The deluge of applications … started last July, when HB 89 took effect, allowing license holders to carry guns in Georgia state parks, on MARTA and in some restaurants

[T]he rush to armament can’t be tied to a perceived spike in crime. Gwinnett police data from 2008 show a drop in nearly all major crime categories.

Wow, many more people are able to protect themselves against criminals, and at the same time, crime rates drop!! It’s quite a paradox!

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