J. Crew Loses Our Business

J. Crew is now offering a Che Guevara replica jacket. No kidding. I won’t link to it here, but you can find it simply enough.

Here is the mail I have just sent them:

I was looking for some new autumn/winter clothes this morning and came across your Belstaff® Che Guevara replica jacket. I am writing to inform you that your promotion of this product has lost you a customer. Che Guevara was a mass murdering psychopath, and your use of his name belittles the memory of his victims and the effect of his actions on their survivors. It is certainly your right to produce and sell this item. But it will lose you at least my business. Choices have consequences.

Sammy Taylor

I guess it’s over to Lands End and L.L. Bean

Update: This just showed up in our inbox:

Dear Sammy –

Thanks for your email-this jacket was named by the manufacturer,
Belstaff, however we will be changing the name.


I am glad to see that they are rethinking this choice, but really, the product should never have made it to their site in the first place. And it is not just the name that is at issue. The manufacturer is explicitly using Che as an advertising point. To quote from the the J. Crew web site:

…a perfect replica of the one so famously worn by Ernesto Che Guevara on his legendary motorcycle journey across Latin America in the 1950s.

So renaming the product is a bit short of what is needed here. Hopefully, they will reconsider this ill advised policy.

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