Here’s Your Crime Problem

We pay off-duty police officers to patrol our neighborhood, and one of the problems they’ve mentioned is the revolving door at the jail. Because of overcrowding, fairly serious offenses often get little or no punishment. When the criminals know they won’t be punished even if they’re caught, guess what that does to the crime rate.

Apparently, it’s even worse in D.C. Read this post at Fred Fry International about a woman who pointed a gun at an armed guard at the police station, pulled the trigger, and was tackled when the gun didn’t fire. Did she get 15-25 for attempted murder? No, they didn’t even charge her with that. Nor did she get charged for the two bags of drugs she was carrying. Nor did she get charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon. How about Aggravated Assault? Nope. She did get charged with Assault on a Police Officer, which is what’s appropriate for shoving a cop. Oh, and carrying a pistol. How much time for those two charges? Zero time. Not one day. Unbelievable. I wonder if they’d be as lenient on some poor Virginia carry permit holder who crossed into D.C. and got pulled over?

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