Henry Mark Holzer

Henry Mark Holzer has resumed the fight, thank goodness. Here is a great section from his announcement that he is returning to the fray:

Although before the election I had understood Obama’s lack of character, the source of his ideas, and their socialist/Marxist endgame, as much as I feared an Obama presidency in lock step with the Pelosi-Reid Congress, I did not expect events to move as quickly and disastrously as they have.

He has loaded (and tried to load) his administration with crooks, incompetents, ideologues, lobbyists, socialists and vicious anti-Americans.

He has fantasized and promoted himself as a latter-day Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.

He has worsened our fragile economy by his relentless fear-mongering.

He has projected weakness and equivocation internationally.

He has sent the wrong signals to our enemies and our faux friends.

He has weakened our national security by his Guantanamo decision and mindlessly throwing more troops into Afghanistan without a plan, let alone an endgame.

He has signed off on the creation of countless trillions of debt, much of which will feed the Left’s insatiable appetite for socialism and cause serious inflation, thus further wrecking the economy.

There’s more, but Obama has had only about forty days.

Holzer was a member of Ayn Rand’s inner circle, along with his wife, Erica.

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