Stone Mountian Repeals Gun Ban

In response to the lawsuit, the Stone Mountain Memorial Association has repealed their ban on guns in the park. Here is the revised ordinance (PDF). The new ordinance applies only to those licensed to carry and contains a strange provision: that one who is carrying, “notifies Park Police as soon as possible upon entering the Park.” That does not mean, however, that you should pull out your gun, wave it around, and shout, “I have a gun! I have a gun!” as soon as you enter the park. ;-)

GCO initiated the lawsuit because under the state preemption law, only the state legislature can regulate guns, not a state authority like the SMMA. Since the SMMA is continuing to regulate with this strange and awkward notification provision, I’d say it’s a good bet the lawsuit will continue.

GCO small has done, and is continuing to do a lot of good for Georgia gun owners. If you aren’t a member yet, Join Now!




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