Pesky Muskovites…

While reading the latest over at John Lott’s page (Thanks for the link Scott.), I ran across this delightful item. It seems some pesky Muskovites have been shot in Florida.

It’s a debate waged in apartment complexes and residential communities across the country: Feed the neighborhood critters or shoo them a way?

A Florida retirement community did a little more than shoo, choosing instead to shoot at the Muscovy ducks that had fouled the pool and become a general nuisance for residents, according to a report by

The Clearwater retirement community’s homeowners association voted to obtain a firearm permit and entrust one of their own, Bruce Streeter, with eliminating the ducks.

“Because he’s the youngest in here, and he can still see well to have a good aim,” fellow resident Debbie Clayton told

Streeter said he only hit two or three, but that was enough for animal cruelty charges to be filed. Streeter pleaded no contest and had to pay about $300 in court costs, which were covered by donations from his neighbors, according to the TV station.

It is a shame that Mr. Streeter plead nolo. Shooting ducks does not amount to animal cruelty and the homeowners association should certainly be allowed to do so on private property. The Muscovy is not a protected species, indeed Wikipedia even has a passage about the nuisance factor they present in Florida. I do like that the defendant’s neighbors chipped in for the fine.

Here is a link to the original news broadcast. It has a bit more information.

I hope the critters were palatable, though those city birds can be a bit tough.

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