Out of Touch

I was out at our favorite watering hole this evening with some of the usual suspects. The band was a young duo I have not seen before tonight. They actually were entertaining. Not great, but a perfectly passable pub band. Good vocals, good guitar, and they even picked songs that were in their range. The only problem was the lead singer’s attitude…

He was a mouseketeer. Constant smile, wide beaming eyes, he was simply dripping with enthusiasm. That would not normally be a bad thing except for the disconnect with their choice of music.

Eric Clapton does not sing Layla with a goofy, “I want to please you all” grin. Jagger did not mean for Beast of Burden to be a feel good moment.

If you looked away from the performers, all was well. But those songs are an emotional statement. Something is lost when you do not relate the emotional state of the singer to the narrative.

I kept waiting for him to break out into a joyful rendition of Dock of the Bay. Fortunately I was disappointed.

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