Obama, No Merci Beaucoup

The video below is from Poor James and the Swamp Crows and is posted to YouTube. Here is the artists statement regarding the song and his position:

I am an oddity I admit, a guy with a life long love of music, art and literature, living in the sticks in a little cabin (built with my own hands) with my girlfriend, her two horses, three dogs, three cats, plus the occassional stray who drops by for brunch, and yet… I am a right-wing conservative. How can this be you ask? Quite simply, I have a built in, infallible bull-shit detector (gift from my dear ol’ Dad.) I keep my feet planted firmly on the ground and observe what works for our country, and that is conservative ideals: hard work, personal responsibility, small government, fiscal restraint, honor, and duty to family and country. I also see what weakens our country: heavy taxation and redistribution, entitlements for non-producers, disdain for America and an increasingly flexible sense of right and wrong. Granted, as a songwriter, I have many lib associates whose wacky socialist views I endure, but I’ll be damned if I’ll have them anywhere near government or policy making. America did not exude from the ethereal herbal vapors of some drug inspired utopian manifesto, but was built purposefully upon solid ground by brilliant, brave, sober, God-fearing conservatives. About this song Obama No Merci Beaucoup. You may recall a month or so ago Mr. Obama bemoaning the dearth of mulit-lingual Americans whom, when traveling abroad, could but manage to mutter a paltry “merci beaucoup” (thankyou very much.) Hence the song title Obama No Merci Beaucoup (Obama, no thankyou very much.) If I were rich I would flood the media with independent anti-Obama ads. If I were a Hollywood actor I would defy those lame-brains and expose Mr. Obama’s socialist nature before God and David Letterman. But alas, I am but a poor songwriter living in the sticks. We do what we can. I think you will find Obama No Merci Beaucoup hard hitting but fair. There are no cheap-shots. The lyrics are based on actual statements he has made, actions he has taken, and his published agenda. Pass it on to your conservative friends to rally them and any libs you may know to throw them off their game a bit. Download it, burn copies if you like, learn it and sing it. If we succeed in securing Mr Obama’s defeat in November, we’ll dance to it. Your most humble servant, Poor James
James Earl 8/29/08

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