Now I Miss Bill…

I’m sure you know that William F. Buckley passed away yesterday. The Corner has a round up of tributes to and remembrances of WFB here. It is amazing to read about and to realize just how great an impact this man had on American Conservatism and political thought. Here are just a couple of memorable excerpts from articles linked there:

In his battle with those who believed the Earth moved in one direction, he was the Hercules pitted against the Atlas of collectivism. Few were more successful in the battle. He did not merely “part the Red Sea,” as Ronald Reagan once told him, “you rolled it back.” – Jonah Goldberg

He is an heroic figure to many because he was right about the great question of the second half of the 20th century at a time when far too many in the west thought it boorish and vulgar to be: As a character in one of his last novels tells a self-regarding liberal, “The kind of people who have offended you since you were at college are the people who won the Cold War.” – Mark Steyn

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