Majority now believe U.S. effort in Iraq will succeed, 53-39

Pew Poll: Public Opinion on IraqSee this HotAir post. According to a Pew poll, 53% believe the U.S. will win in Iraq, compared to 39% who believe we will fail. That’s great news!

There’s one strange thing about this poll: 49% want to bring the troops home and 47% want to keep them in–so something like 6% of people polled think we are winning and we should bring the troops home!? Does that mean they want us to bring the troops home to keep us from winning? Did they think the question meant should we ever bring the troops home?
Iraq News Bias: U.S. Deaths Correlate with Coverage

The HotAir post also links to this Newsbusters piece with an interesting graph.It’s not too surprising, I suppose, but it doesn’t just seem like there’s not much news coming out of Iraq now that things are going well.

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