Good News for Us Gun Folks

The “Political Insider” at the AJC thinks both HB. 89 and HB 257 are going to pass. It’s not a done deal yet, but hopefully this guy knows his stuff.

Separately,‘s lawsuit against Fulton County has led to them repeal their ban on guns in county and city parks. The lawsuit was brought because the ban was illegal under Georgia law–only the state can decide gun laws. Still, the bogus law could have caused problems for some innocent CCW holder, especially since they’ll call any 4 foot by 5 foot patch of grass a park! GeorgiaCarry has already been successful in other counties, too.

If HB 89 does indeed pass, state parks will be legal, and the National Park Service has also recently announced that they will revise their rules to allow carry as well. City, state, and national parks will be safer for all of us.

GCO small linkThe NRA-ILA and Georgia Carry have been working hard to protect our rights. I encourage you to join and give what you can to both.

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UPDATE: Also see this longer AJC Article.

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