Equal Time

Part 1:

Part 2:

Update: Please note that we here at sammytaylor.net did not create these videos. We found them posted on YouTube and knew that our readers would enjoy them as much as we did. In any of the YouTube videos we link here you can click on the YouTube logo in the bottom right of the video to go directly to the post on YouTube.com.

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12 Responses to Equal Time

  1. Scott says:

    Perfect! I love it.

  2. scottksmith says:

    I see no reason for anyone to own a gun. All they do is hurt people. The police will protect
    us if bad people try to hurt us. Make sure you vote for Obama this year so we can pass
    sensible gun control laws to disarm the citizenry. Good karma ; bad guns. Peace and Love to all!

  3. jmorris54 says:

    Unless you have a cop follow you 24/7, or have one living with you, they won’t do a darned bit of good! This video is vivid evidence that if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will own them. Do you think for a moment crooks will cease to own and use guns for their criminal ventures??!! Even if Obama wins, he no longer will be able to pass anti gun laws thanks to the Supreme Court’s opinion stating the Second Amendment applies to individual gun owners, not just government sponsored militias.

  4. BladeRunner says:

    Of course guns hurt people, that’ exactly why every government on the face of the planet uses them. Duh!

  5. mollie says:

    guns don’t hurt people , people hurt people you fool. Look around you the police can’t be with you 24/7. Or would you prefer Big Brother. Have you watched the news lately, for example in Philadelphia, multiple people get killed everyday, did the police protect them from the people.
    I would suggest that you crawl out from under whatever rock you have been under, remove the rose colored glasses and take a good look at the world around you.
    Yea vote for Obama if you want gun control and increased crime in your neighborhood. The second amendment was written for a reason, I personally cherish my Right to own a gun. If you dont then maybe you should move to Australia where home invasion has increased since the sensible gun laws made it illegal for anyone to own a gun. The Bad Guys dont have to follow the rules , you might as well leave your door wide open inviting them in or wear a sign that says mug me.

  6. WilliamD says:

    It is amazing how ignorant U.S. citizens are of their own history. One of the biggest reasons the Second Amendment was for protection against a tyrant state from within or outside the continent imposing its will upon the people. The authors had just completed a war of independence against a tyrant who sought to enslave the colonies. The Second Amendment was to insure that would not happen again. If guns are outlawed it will be the outlaws who have guns just like it was in the Prohibition when it was the mobs and gangs who had and controlled the flow of alcohol. Drinking thrived and went underground or behind closed doors and put millions dollars into the hands of mobsters and other types of criminals. By the time Prohibition was repealed, this criminal element had successfully infiltrated American society and government. These elements plague our society even today.
    If you support Obama and his desire to outlaw guns, then why don’t you start practicing what you are preaching to others now. Quit locking your cars (just leave the keys in the ignition), your homes and offices and let the police protect you and your property. Set an example for all the country to see!
    If you believe for a second that criminals will relinquish there guns, you need to wake up. Even if guns were outlawed and unattainable in stores, there would be a healthy black market trade in weapons to whoever wanted them. No where in history has a country totally disarmed and survived especially if it is rich in resources. It is so naive to think that if we disarm, everyone else will disarm. I would like to say, “Get a life” but your way of thinking is intent on throwing life away.

  7. not1b4me says:

    leave it to a rimlit like scottksmith to make a statement like that.. If someone robs or steals from me I will hurt them…”Shoot first and answer to questions later”.

    “When seconds count, the police are just minutes away”


  8. Bolverk says:

    I think that the sarcasm of scottksmith was lost on everyone else.

  9. firebum070 says:

    Recreational drug use is illegal. That seems to work quite well. More gun control will be just as effective!

  10. cybertronflux says:

    The Second Amendment exist so the people have power over government. So what happend
    in Cuba, Nazi Germany, Iraq,China,USSR,Nicaragua,Somalia,and countless other countrys will
    never happen here. but if you dumbasses want to give up your right go ahead. just dont mess with mine or you will be the enemy of american freedom. that would totaly suck ass for you.

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