Enter the Post-Post Era

In his latest piece over at The Corner, Victor Davis Hanson saysAmericans should be tired of hearing that we are a post-industrial, postmodern, post-anything society.” He is of course correct, but then he usually is. He goes on to remind us of how blessed we are to be Americans and of what we might do, if we choose. I was especially partial to these two paragraphs:

A new, hungrier generation of Americans will have to want to reclaim our preeminence and change the national attitude. It must be ready to pay off generations of debt rather than borrow, build rather than sue, and drill rather than whine.

It’s time to honor rather than avoid and outsource physical labor. Our children are healthy enough to cut our own lawns and pick our fruit. Let’s also hope they want to hear a lot more about Gen. David Petraeus’s success, and a lot less of Madonna’s latest psychodramas.

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