Democrats Email Opt-Out Violates CAN-SPAM

According to this post at Unicom Systems Development, the Democratic Party is violating the rules defined in the CAN-SPAM law for unsubscribing. Click through to read the details, but basically, they have a complicated process for unsubscribing that doesn’t actually work.

Even worse, the process doesn’t work. I’ve tried twice, and I’ve yet to receive the magic cookie to make the mail stop. So I am unable to unsubscribe—the exact circumstance the FTC was working to avoid.

What the Democrats are doing doesn’t just violate CAN-SPAM guidelines, it violates industry best practices. The best practice for handling list removal requests is to process them immediately, but email a confirmation message to the leaving subscriber. The message would notify the user in the rare case that the unsubscribe was unwanted or accidental, and could offer easy instructions to reactivate the subscription.

You’d think the Democrats could follow the laws they helped create, but here is the kicker: they don’t have to. The rules apply to commercial mailers, not political organizations.

Update: Actually, it’s worse than the original post described–read the followup post.

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