Browning Takedown .22

Browning Takedown .22

I purchased this wonderful little rifle not too long ago and thought I’d share it.

It is a Browning Takedown .22 made in Japan in the 1960s. It is a magazine fed semi-auto which takes down into two halves for convenient storage or stowage. The magazine is tube style residing in the stock with the plunger entering the but plate and a loading chute in the right side, visible in the photo. The take down joint is at the front of the receiver and requires only that it be unlocked and the two halves be rotated ninety degrees oposite eachother. The chamber and both sigths are ahead of the joint, so she never loses zero unless the sights are mistreated in transit. Ejection of empty shells is through the bottom. This arrangement will sometimes deposite hot brass in your boot, but this is a minor drawback. Mine appeared not to have been cleaned since manufacture when I got it home, though it still shot without stoppage. A good cleaning and oiling later and she runs as long as you continue to feed her. Here is a shot of one that is taken down:

If you buy one of the graded examples that were made in Belgium you can pay as much as $2500 for a Grade II and there is currently a Royal Grade on Guns America with an asking price of $4,699. They are beautiful and beautifully made pieces and i would be proud to own one. On the other hand, the Japanese manufactured example is I have is perfectly reliable, quite elegant despite showing a less refined level of machining, and can regularly be found for around $500.

And just to tempt us all, I’ll add a shot of that little Royal Grade…

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