“Atlanta’s airport not gun-free”

So says this piece in the AJC yesterday. Certainly this is true.

The article points out that hundreds of weapons are legally carried in and out of airports each year by people travelling to and from hunting and shooting events. Of course, that’s just the people carrying weapons that we know about. We have no way of knowing how many people illegally carry guns in the unsecured areas.

The article is fairly well balanced in it’s representation of the ongoing legal contest over concealed carry in the unsecured areas of our nation airports.

I particularly liked this bit:

Longtime hunter Alvin Vaughn, 60, of Conyers said four days after officials declared Hartsfield-Jackson a “gun-free zone,” he walked through the terminal with two high-powered rifles he had retrieved from luggage claim as he returned from a hunting trip to Africa.

Vaughn said he has transported dozens of guns and many pounds of ammo through the nonsecure areas of the airport over nearly two decades.

“I think the gun ban’s foolish,” Vaughn said. “The main part of the airport is just like any other public space in the state. It should not be treated any differently than walking the streets of Atlanta.”

No reader here will be surprised that I agree with Mr. Vaughn that the ban is foolish.

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