A Tragic Story

Read this tragic story of self-defense and an over-zealous prosecutor. I’m glad we have the expanded castle doctrine law in Georgia. Especially sad is the prosecutor’s and the jury’s preoccupation with scary hollow point bullets. Wow. And the reporter who asked why he couldn’t have just hit the enraged guy with his gun instead of shooting him? What?

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2 Responses to A Tragic Story

  1. Marcus says:

    So, anything that is more powerful than what the police carry is bad? Guess we better put away anything bigger than a 9mm.

    One of the reasons the 10mm was not adopted by several of the government agencies was due to the stout recoil and the lack of the skill necessary to control said recoil by the majority. Thus, the .40 S&W, a toned down version of the 10mm, has been widely accepted. It’s not that police don’t need a bigger gun, it’s that a majority of them can’t handle a bigger gun? That’s what it sounds like to me. If a 9mm suits you, by all means, carry a 9mm, but I’ll stick with something bigger.

    This is another fine example that we, as gun owners, are viewed as “guilty until proven innocent”. God bless America, or what’s left of her.

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