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Thomas Sowell On Obama

This is a well written piece with a great ending: None of this can be prevented by glib talk, but only by character, courage and decisive actions — none of which Barack Obama has ever demonstrated.

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New Bill Whittle Essay

Please go read this and then ask yourself if you believe Obama can faithfully pledge to “…preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

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Shatner on Gun Control Redux

Youtube pulled the video shortly after we posted it before, but we have it again for those of you who missed it before. (I’m having trouble turning off auto-start on Windows Media Player.)

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Petraeus Has A New Role

General David Petraeus took Command of CentCom today. This means that he is now responsible for our effort in Afghanistan as well as Iraq, not to mention this little slice of heaven: This is very good news for us and … Continue reading

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In Case You Believe Obama…

…when he says he supports the Second Amendment, listen to this interview with him: People can certainly change their minds over time, but he doesn’t even admit that he’s changed his mind–he says he’s always supported the the Second Amendment. … Continue reading

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SpeedHawk is the nickname for the X-49A experimental rotor aircraft from Piasecki. In simple terms, they have replaced the tail rotor of a standard SH-60F with a vectored thrust ducted propeller and an auxiliary power unit to gain greater airspeed … Continue reading

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Gran Torino

Check out the trailer for Clint Eastwoods new movie Gran Torino. UPDATE by Scott: Warning–the trailer seems to give away quite a bit of the movie.

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Never mind

I was fooled–it’s fake, apparently. Here’s the video, if you’re still curious. UPDATE: See this:

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Forclosure Myths?

There is an interesting post by Steven Malanga over at Real Clear Markets that posits that the underlying mechanics of the current foreclosure rate are misunderstood or misrepresented and that the root cause is under capitalized speculative investment. There are … Continue reading

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McCain Today In Florida

Good speech. More please, and louder. I particularly like this passage: Senator Joe Biden has a way of straying off message and stumbling on the truth, and his most recent warning bears close attention. He cautioned us — in fact, he … Continue reading

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Obama Campaign Blacklists Station

Sammy’s post about Biden not liking the questions he was asked has an update: The Obama campaign canceled an upcoming interview with the station says any future interviews are “unlikely, at best.” They’re used to the media being an extension … Continue reading

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Another Perspective

Here’s an interesting perspective from one of the estimated 4% of blacks who support McCain: For your convenience, here are links to the URLs listed at the end of the video:, Urban, Hip Hop, Black Man With … Continue reading

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Michael Ramirez

I love this guys work. Below are my recent favorites:

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100 Days of Obama-Biden-Reid-Pelosi

That is the subject of this piece from the editors of National Review. It’s worth your time to read and reflect on the likely outcome if Obama is elected, as seems likely. Among the moves they predict would be made … Continue reading

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Watching The Watchers

From The Washington Post we have this item: D.C. Official Observing Night Life Is Arrested By Elissa Silverman and Martin Weil Washington Post Staff Writers Wednesday, October 15, 2008; B03 An Adams Morgan advisory neighborhood commissioner who said she was … Continue reading

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