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Gambling and Drugs don’t mix

How far gone do you have to be, where this make sense:

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This Should Be Interesting….

An Islamic group in China has vowed to make attacks during the Olympics. It will be interesting to see how forcefully (brutally for all you liberals) China handles the situation. Story

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Another Good Blog Gone

We’re sad to see Banter in Atlanter is hanging up his hat. One of the things he’ll be spending his time on instead is the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, a great charity–check it out. We wish him the best of … Continue reading

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Global Warming ex-Alarmist

Read this article in The Australian by a lead scientist involved in the Australian Greenhouse Office about how the evidence has convinced him carbon emissions are not a major cause of global warming.

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What Will Obama Really Do About Iraq?

That’s my one of my biggest worries about an Obama presidency: What will he really do about Iraq? Will he really snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and pull the troops out just as we’re winning? Or, is he … Continue reading

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People don’t kill people, knives freeze their organs

Yeah, you read that right-  Up until today, I’d never heard of this, but now I think I need to have one.  Although, I think I want mine as a sword, so I can have a sword +3 Frostbrand. Oh, … Continue reading

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Code Monkey

Some things are just funny. Code Monkey

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Enter the Post-Post Era

In his latest piece over at The Corner, Victor Davis Hanson says “Americans should be tired of hearing that we are a post-industrial, postmodern, post-anything society.” He is of course correct, but then he usually is. He goes on to … Continue reading

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And Now For Something Completely Expected…

Dick Heller is back in the news… Turnout Low on First Day of Handgun Registration By Paul Duggan Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, July 17, 2008; 2:44 PM In the first hours of the first day that it was legally … Continue reading

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Interesting Idea

This is intriguing: …Send the ISS somewhere. The ISS, you see, is already an interplanetary spacecraft — at least potentially. It’s missing a drive system and a steerage module, but those are technicalities. Although it’s ungainly in appearance, it’s designed … Continue reading

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Catchy Name

Over at BoingBoing we see this:

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The Kajima Corporation of Japan is doing interesting things in demolition: Update by Scott: Read the description for more info, via Google Translate.

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F%#@ing Prius

Tim Blair on the relative benefits of purchasing a Prius to a real car… Update: Our friend Ryan emails this… Can’t say I like the Prius that much. But, I prefer the high/low approach…$29,000 has me: a 2.5 ton truck … Continue reading

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Tony Snow

Tony Snow died on Saturday. He will be missed… “Let’s make our case plainly, happily, and confidently — after all, we do have truth on our side.” Tony Snow, 2008

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Excellent Column by Charles Krauthammer

Besides having an awesome surname, Charles Krauthammer writes excellent columns. He is quickly approaching Victor Davis Hanson as one of my favorites. The Altar of Soft Power

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