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Girls’ Night Out in Manhattan

Wow, there’s a gun range right in Manhattan. We don’t even have one in Atlanta, at least not that I know about. We have to drive well outside the city limits. Watch this video report about some first time visits … Continue reading

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Mass Shooting in Bar Stopped by Armed Citizen

We’ve seen all the hand wringing lately about the recently passed HB 89, which allows GFL holders to carry guns in restaurants that serve alcohol, particularly by Ron Wolf of the Georgia Restaurant Association. I wonder what he has to … Continue reading

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Gov. Purdue Signed HB 89 Gun Law Reform

Hurrah! The Governor finally signed House Bill 89, which will greatly improve the gun laws in Georgia, especially for weapons permit holders. We’ve been writing about the bill in various forms since at least February of 2007. Various provisions have … Continue reading

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Check Out “Geeks on Caffeine”

Check out the comic strip “Geeks on Caffeine.” The latest story line starts here and continues for four more pages. UPDATE: The first strip in the series was added by permission of the author. Click on it to continue this … Continue reading

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The age of educational romanticism

Go read this excellent piece by Charles Murray on the futility of what he calls educational romanticism This quote provides a taste of the content: The United States Congress, acting with large bipartisan majorities, at the urging of the President, … Continue reading

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The Nostalgic Glass

The Nostalgic Glass is a site dedicated to photographic exploration of abandoned architecture, much of it in Russia. It contains some exceptional images. The photo I include here is a view of Belogorka, an estate built in Russia in 1912.

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