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Contact Gov. Purdue (again): Sign HB 89

Governor Purdue still hasn’t signed HB 89. He’s been getting bombarded by gun haters to veto. This is an important bill, so please contact Gov. Purdue and ask him to sign the bill. Here’s the contact info. Here’s more on … Continue reading

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Obama’s Definition of Change


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The Coming Ice Age

Oh, it’s coming; it’s just a matter of when. Here’s a great piece in the Australian by Phil Chapman, a NASA geophysicist and astronautical engineer. Here are some snippets: Disconcerting as it may be to true believers in global warming, … Continue reading

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Obama’s Multi-decade “Crisis”

I was watching the Pennsylvania Primary coverage last night and among other things, they were playing a speech by Barack Obama, the great articulate speaker of our time. This quote jumped out at me: I mean, think about it. How … Continue reading

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French Attack, British Cite Pirates’ “Human Rights”

Read this New York Times post. Here are the highlights: ON April 11, French commandos went in with guns blazing and captured a gang of pirates who days earlier had hijacked a luxury cruise ship, the Ponant, and held the … Continue reading

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Dogo Argentino vs. Boar

Those of you who are part of the extended family and know my boy Max may wish to watch this video of a Dogo Argentino hunting wild boar…

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PTR 91

I recently purchased a PTR 91KF from PTR Inc. Brother Kyle owns the 18″ barrel version and we were so impressed with it I decided that I would pick one up as well. This is a clone of the HK … Continue reading

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Tony Snow Joining CNN

Tony Snow is joining CNN. This is great news because Tony has greater mass than CNN so he will pull them farther right than they pull him left.

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The Fail Blog

Check out the Fail Blog for a laugh. I especially liked “Recycling Gone Mad” aka a pair of mens’ briefs turned into a woman’s tank top. Ha.

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This Will Wake You Up

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How To Discourage Radical Islam…

Expose people to it. That is the thrust of this article from The New York Times. The opening paragraphs give a good feel for the content: Violence Leaves Young Iraqis Doubting Clerics BAGHDAD — After almost five years of war, … Continue reading

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Liberal Fascism

I have just finished Jonah Goldberg’s new book, Liberal Fascism . I highly recommend it to all. Those in the extended family are welcome to borrow my copy if they wish, though Jonah wouold likely prefer you bought your own. … Continue reading

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US Marine Jimmy McCain

It’s not often we link to the New York Times without the main point being an error, bias, or other bad reporting, but I do recommend you read this story about John McCain’s son, Jimmy McCain. Sen. McCain doesn’t talk … Continue reading

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To decimate is not to devastate. You can stop right there before you send me links to various dictionaries as proof that they are synonymous. I’ve seen them and they are wrong. Decimation is the removal of one in ten. … Continue reading

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Grizzly vs. Caribou

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