Nice Series of Global Warming Articles

A nice series of articles can be found in the National Post on Aside from using the term “deniers,” it’s actually a pretty fair look at some of those who don’t consider human activity to be the primary cause of any catastrophic global temperature increase. The term “deniers” is an epithet meant to associate those who don’t follow the global warming dogma with Holocaust deniers.

In the global warming debate, there are essentially two broad camps. One believes that the science is settled, that global warming is serious and man-made, and that urgent action must be taken to mitigate or prevent a future calamity. The other believes that the science is far from settled, that precious little is known about global warming or its likely effects, and that prudence dictates more research and caution before intervening massively in the economy.

The “science is settled” camp, much the larger of the two, includes many eminent scientists with impressive credentials. But just who are the global warming skeptics who question the studies from the great majority of climate scientists and what are their motives?

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