“How Modern Liberals Think”

Take the time to listen to this speech given at The Heritage Foundation by Evan Sayet on modern liberalism.

Update by Scott: Here’s a quote, in response to a question:

I’m convinced that global warming is not a position that they’ve arrived at through an honest and sincere look at the scientific data and the recognition that these models, look we don’t even trust models of weather three days down the road on the nightly news, but we’re going to trust this one for 50 years down the road, and what not? I don’t think it’s an honest attempt to understand global warming … because in one fell swoop you can turn America from the greatest nation in the history of the world, our productivity feeds the world, provides the medicines, and turns America into the most evil nation in the history of the world, look how much, we’re destroying the world! It’s … accepted more because it’s an attack on America as evil polluters than it is because it’s scientifically supported.

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