Gun Free Zones

Here’s an opinion piece on Fox News by John Lott regarding the recent shooting in a Omaha, Nebraska gun free zone. Nebraska has a concealed carry law, but theirs allows businesses to post no-gun signs that make it illegal to carry in those businesses. When will malls and other places figure out that the signs do nothing to stop these criminals, but just create a safer environment for them? If the law-abiding folks are disarmed, who’s to stop them?

I don’t know if any concealed carry permit holders were there that day, or if any were shot, but if so I’d like to see them or their estates sue this property owner. If they’re going to deny you the ability to legally defend yourself, I’d say you can make the argument that they’ve implicitly taken on the responsibility to protect you. I think a good lawyer could probably convince a jury of that. And perhaps a large judgment would wake up some of these businesses to the danger their policies put us in.

Then again, perhaps they can just be reasoned with, as happened here.

Also read this post and this follow-up at our blogroll listed site Crime, Guns, and Videotape. I’ve noticed several news articles suggesting it’s time for metal detectors at malls. Metal detectors do absolutely nothing to prevent this type of attack by themselves. Unless combined with multiple armed guards per entrance and bullet-proof barricades, this type of shooter would simply make the poor schmuck running the metal detector his first victim.

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7 Responses to Gun Free Zones

  1. sammy says:

    I think we miss the point in blaming a business for the results of a personal decision. We are each responsible for our own safety at all times, and disarming in order to shop in a mall which posts a “No Firearms” sign is a calculated risk. Do not do business with companies which display “no firearms” signs, and let them know that is why you are taking your money to their competitors. Politely ask to speak with the management and tell them that you respect their right to ban firearms from their property and will comply by not visiting them. Write a letter to the company headquarters and inform them of the effect their policy has had on your purchasing decision. Driving a few extra miles to a store which respects your rights is far less inconvenient than being unarmed in a gun fight.

  2. Scott says:

    While I don’t disagree that concealed carry holders would do better to avoid businesses that ban guns, that doesn’t mean the business has no liability in this type of situation. Some lawyers actually advise businesses that putting up a no-guns sign lessens their liability! The idea I suppose is that they can then say, “Well, we had a no guns sign and the murderer ignored it, but we tried.” When a business puts its customers in greater danger because they think it’ll improve their chances in a lawsuit, it’s time to fight fire with fire and let the threat of lawsuit help them make the right decision for once.

  3. Marcus says:

    Actually, maybe I should post a sign in front of my house stating “Gun Free Zone”. That could get interesting.

  4. Scott says:

    Then you’d be sued by the criminal’s family after you shot him–they’d argue you advertised a safe environment for his home invasion.

  5. Marcus says:

    Sadly, I think you are correct. Oh well, we’ll continue our ad free lawn for now. Maybe we should all just put signs up on the doors of our houses stating “Before you passing through this entrance with ill intent, consider this; what’s your life worth?”

  6. Marcus says:

    Ok, so maybe I should learn to type properly too. Delete the “you” from the comment in the above post.

  7. sammy says:

    My home is a “Gun Free Zone”, though my interpretation of that phrase may be different from the most common. All friends who enter are free to bring theirs, encouraged even. Bring them, share them, clean them, talk about them, leave them if you will. I will get out some of my own and we will make an afternoon of it. Careful though if you mean to get rambunctious.

    If you want to really raise the interesting factor, try posting “Free Gun Zone” instead. That will get someone’s attention.

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