Flashback: VT’s Response to a Call for Arms

The recent event wasn’t the first shooting involving the Virginia Tech campus. Last August, an escaped jail inmate shot two people before being caught at VT. Read this piece on the Buckeye Firearms Association site, with a prophetic commentary published by a grad student last year, and Virginia Tech’s VP and Spokesman Larry Hincker’s reply, and the student’s counter.

Virginia HB 1572 would have prevented state universities from banning Concealed Carry Permit holders from carrying on campus. After the bill was shot down in committee, VT’s Hinckler was widely quoted as saying, “I’m sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly’s actions, because this will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on campus.” At least he did phrase it correctly. It may have helped the na├»ve students, parents, etc., feel safe, but it actually made them less safe. Even one armed student or professor could have saved lives.

There are two such situations that I know of: Appalachian State Law School (2002) and Pearl High School (1991). In both cases, after the shootings began, people ran to their cars to get their guns and stop the attacks. They had to run to their cars because, like VT, they were prohibited from carrying on school grounds. How many more lives would have been saved in the time it took them to run to their cars and back? Virginia Tech doesn’t even allow guns locked in your car!

We need to contact our legislatures and urge the introduction and passage of a bill in our state that eliminates “defenseless victim zones” on campus. Police clearly can’t be everywhere, so students and faculty must be allowed to defend themselves.

Update: This Crime, Guns, and Videotape post informed me that the infamous Texas Clock Tower shooting was stopped by an armed civilian. Paul Huebl writes that Charles Whitman, the guy shooting people from the clock tower, “was shot and killed by an armed civilian hero, Alan Crumb, who was with the young hero Austin Cop I met last year named Ramiro Martinez. Armed civilians saved the day in Austin.”

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