Five Star Iris

Five Star IrisFive Star Iris has been our favorite band for a while because their music is so good. Now we have another reason to like them: they’ve just come back from a tour playing for our troops in Iraq and the surrounding areas, including a Navy ship! Here’s a tour page with photos of the band over there, and a few videos as well. Our boys and girls in uniform are real heroes over there, but the 5SI guys deserve a huge kudos for taking the time to give them some well deserved high quality entertainment while they’re trying to create a better, safer world. And in the middle of the summer! In Iraq!

If you haven’t heard their most recent hit, check out this page to hear it. Amazon has their CD. Try to see them in concert the next time they’re in town, and tell them thanks for supporting the troops in such a remarkable way.

They’ll be playing in Suwanee on the 18th, and Atlanta on the 24th.

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