A Long-Term Private Stopping Power Study

Evan Marshall is now retired from the Detroit Police Department and performed his own study on his own dime of various police shootings using different ammo of different calibers. He only considered torso shots and excluded any multiple shot incidents. He considered a “stop” to only include the assailant collapsing within 10 feet. In order to be included, he “had to have access to the officer-involved shooting files, autopsy or medical treatment reports, police reports, homicide reports and files, press accounts, and when possible, conversations with emergency room personnel.” He gathered data from contacts in several departments around the country over a several year period. He performed the study primarily for his own information, and for other police officers.

I happily carry a .45 1911 and don’t intend to change as a result of this study. Nevertheless, I found it interesting and I thought many of you might too. You can view a summary here, and buy the book here.

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