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The Perils of Benevolence

Roger Kimball has a very good post discussing the perils of benevolence. My favorite passage is this quote from James Fitzjames Stephen’s book Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: The man who works from himself outwards, [Stephen wrote] whose conduct is governed by … Continue reading

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From the excellent web comic xkcd:

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The Rise and Fall of Hyperpowers

This is a very interesting discussion of the rise and fall of hyperpowers in history with Professor Amy Chua. (HT: The Smallest Minority) Update: Here’s a link to her book, Day of Empire on Amazon.

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Merry PChristmas

Politically correct nativity scene.

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Gun Free Zones

Here’s an opinion piece on Fox News by John Lott regarding the recent shooting in a Omaha, Nebraska gun free zone. Nebraska has a concealed carry law, but theirs allows businesses to post no-gun signs that make it illegal to … Continue reading

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Three Strikes

Must be a lefty…

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Mark Steyn: The Future Belongs to Islam

Read this provocative Mark Steyn article entitled, “The Future Belongs to Islam” published in Maclean’s, Canada’s only national weekly current affairs magazine.

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Great Bumper Sticker

Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than my guns

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