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NYC Sues Georgia Gun Dealers

An article in this week’s Creative Loafing goes over the attempts by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to hold Georgia gun dealers accountable for NY crime. Surprisingly, the article is objectively written.

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Does Ryan Have One of These?

Tank Limosine. Only $3,300 to $8,233 per night.

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Thousands of WMDs were found in Iraq…

… at least by Atlanta Police Department Officer Ronald Campbell’s definition. He’s quoted in the AJC as saying the AK-47 is “considered a weapon of mass destruction. It’s known to go through a few walls.” I guess it is considered … Continue reading

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Darwinism in Action

Scientologist parents killed by their daughter who was denied psychiatric care because of their beliefs. We need a Darwin category. Or cruel irony. Or somewhat amusing irony, whatever.

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Proposed OSHA Regulation Threatens Ammo & Shooting

OSHA is proposing new regulations that would treat ammunition as “unsafe” and require, among other things: Customers would not be allowed within 50 feet of any ammunition (displayed or stored) without first being searched for matches or lighters and checked … Continue reading

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Kaziah Hancock

Shannon sent me a copy of this video and I was able to find a youtube version to post here. It’s a touching story of a woman doing what she can for the families of our fallen servicemen and women. … Continue reading

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Happy Independance Day

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