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Mike Buie’s Johnson

He’s smaller than I expected…

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Infrastructure Failure

GUATEMALA CITY (Reuters) – Three people were missing on Friday after a 200-foot-deep (61 meters) hole opened up in the middle of a Guatemalan neighbourhood, likely due to a burst sewer pipe.”It sounded like a bomb was dropping. Boom!” said … Continue reading

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Remote Control Pigeons

According to Yahoo News, Chinese scientists have successfully been able to control pigeon flight using electrodes inserted into the brain that mimic natural signals. If they add sphincter control, they would have quite the weapon!

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Guinness is no longer one of the most popular drinks in Britain. I wonder if they’ll take a page out of Coca Cola’s playbook and go with “New Guinness”, followed by “Diet Guinness” and “Guinness Zero”. Sadly, Guinness is outsold … Continue reading

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Because They Could

Three super athletes have completed a task not many other would attempt- let alone finish. Charlie Engle (USA), Ray Zahab (Canada), and Kevin Lin (Taiwan) ran 4000 miles across the Sahara Desert in 111 days. The journey took the athletes … Continue reading

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Presidential Candidates on the Second Amendment

The Volokh Conspiracy has an informative post on where the various possible Presidential candidates stand on the gun rights. Especially after Giuliani’s recent anti-gun statement, we need to look harder at pro-gun candidates for President. A friend of ours, Tom, … Continue reading

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Nice Series of Global Warming Articles

A nice series of articles can be found in the National Post on Aside from using the term “deniers,” it’s actually a pretty fair look at some of those who don’t consider human activity to be the primary cause … Continue reading

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Gun Bill Passes House, Another Passes Senate Committee

A gun bill passed the Georgia House Monday (Feb 12th) that would allow gun owners to carry their firearms anywhere in their vehicles or “where they feel is the safest place for their personal protection.” The bill passed 130 to … Continue reading

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Interesting Take on the Civil Rights Movement

This is an aspect of the civil rights movement that you don’t often hear about. The goal was achieved, not only by peaceful sit-ins and protests, but also using force or the threat of force to protect people and property. … Continue reading

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A Quote From Jeff Cooper

I have been teaching the Color Code for about 30 years now, but I have not been teaching it well. I keep seeing something handed back to me which purports to be what I have taught, but which is not. … Continue reading

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Good Strategic Move

Apparently the Mossad has assassinated one of Iran’s top nuclear scientists Story An Israeli spokesman, after hearing of the man being shot 57 times, remarked, “That the worst case of suicide I’ve ever seen.” Heh, jk.

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Home Defense Bill

Legislators in West Virginia (of all places) introduced a bill today that would allow citizens to use deadly force against intruders in their houses and vehicles. The bill implies if officers/agents do not clearly identify themselves, then citizens cannot be … Continue reading

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