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Interesting UI Project

This is an interesting presentation from the Dynamic Graphics Project at The University of Toronto:

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Cox & Forkum

This is a few days old but I’ve been too busy to post it. Excellent work once again from our friends at Cox & Forkum.

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Ironic, don’t you think?

Mikhail Kalashnikov has voiced support for a U.N. initiative limiting the illicit sale and production of small arms. I believe that military-grade weapons shall remain in the hands of armed forces, and the military shall guard them properly, so that … Continue reading

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Another One Down

Marcus sends this image of a recent triumph against the squirrel insurgents.

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Shot Show Rules?

I was going to make the trip down to Orlando for Shot Show this year but decided not to when I read this in the Attendee Rules: For attendee and exhibitor safety, no personal firearms and/or ammunition is allowed. Now … Continue reading

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Lost In Translation

I have no idea if this is a true story but it makes me giggle none the less. The accompanying post has this to say: For those in far-off places or otherwise not versed in such things, Wegmans is large … Continue reading

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To good to be true…

“Cheap, safe drug kills most cancers” As if the “cure for cancer” wasn’t good enough, it’s an already tested drug (meaning little to no lengthy FDA safety process), without a patent!

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A Quote From Jeff Cooper

This preoccupation with equality is another symptom of the degeneracy of The Age of the Common Man. In the first place it is an illusion, since men are not created equal, except in the political sense. Everyone is better or … Continue reading

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Latest Hot Air

Michelle Malkin is back from Iraq and has posted the latest edition of Hot Air, her online video reporting series. This is reporting from Baghdad that you really should take the time to watch.

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Followup: Even More Disturbing

A few months ago, I posted a link to a paintball field that supposedly recreated the Columbine tragedy. It turns out it was just a joke, but the point these people are trying to make is even more offensive than … Continue reading

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Congrats Peter

Blackbear Tavern family member Peter won his level two satellite tournament in Vegas this past weekend, securing a seat in the WSOP in July. Congratulations Peter!

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Let the Feeding Frenzy Begin

A study from the Harvard University School of Public Health links higher rates of firearm ownership with higher homicide rates. I’ll see if I can find a link to the full article to find the full details of the study, … Continue reading

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Stem Cells in the News

Yesterday the House passed bill H.R. 3, The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007. Unfortunately, the vote didn’t meet the 2/3rds majority that would be needed to override a potential veto from President Bush, assuming the Senate passed the … Continue reading

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Bush’s Immigration Policy

According to a 2004 agreement that Bush signed, illegal aliens could be eligable for Social Security after only 18 months in the USA. Story. Update by Scott: The article actually says President Bush has yet to sign it, and if … Continue reading

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