“You can’t reason people out of something that they didn’t arrive at reasonably in the first place.”

Rick Santorum gave a speech at the National Press Club yesterday that was extraordinarily plain spoken for a Senator facing re-election in November. Whether this sort of resolve and backbone still garner votes is yet to be seen, but I believe this is the sort of honest statement we desperately need to hear from our elected representatives. It is a long speech, which you should read, but this is a particularly good passage:

Every major Islamic fascist leader, from heads of states to heads of al Qaeda and Hizbollah, has openly identified the United States as their prime target, and repeatedly promises the creation of a new, global, “caliphate” where Islamic fascism will rule mankind. This language comes from both Sunni and Shi’ite fanatics, whether Arab, Persian, Indonesian, American, or British.
And yet we are foolishly reluctant to come to terms with this terrible reality.

It’s an old, sad story isn’t it? Over and over again, our enemies announce their intention to attack us, and we refuse to believe them.

The Senator is absolutely right, this is the truth of our current situation. His colleagues need to realize this if they don’t already know.

The title of this post is another quote from the speech and it is another excellent point. Those who are extolling Israel and the U.S. to rely on diplomacy with Islamic extremists need to understand this point, and quickly.

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