Executive order:

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and to strengthen the rights of the American people against the taking of their private property, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. It is the policy of the United States to protect the rights of Americans to their private property, including by limiting the taking of private property by the Federal Government to situations in which the taking is for public use, with just compensation, and for the purpose of benefiting the general public and not merely for the purpose of advancing the economic interest of private parties to be given ownership or use of the property taken.

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2 Responses to YAY!

  1. Rand says:

    Perhaps, or perhaps not.

    The counter arguement is simple: The current state of affairs allows for no restrictions on immenant domain. Given free reign as the status quo, any executive order maintaining or dictating that status quo is superfluous and unnecesisary effort. No validation is necessary.

    Thus, it is conceivable (and probable) that the intent of the order is to change the status quo, and since the only change possible, given the language and situation, is to curtail immenant domain, it should be construed as such. This is backed up by the language, “…protect the rights of Americans to their private property…” etc. While it’s true the order maintains the principle of immenant domain, each added clause is, and must, be a constraint placed upon it.

    Now, there is plenty of wiggle room included, and the question of increasing tax revenue has not been settled, it is still a step forward.

    In my opinion.

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