Why Do the Islamofascists Believe They Will Win?

Reading the two previous stories, First Came The Squirrel and A Lesson From Peter, (and Marcus’ comment), there is a common theme of cowardice and hypersensitivity. How do we expect the terrorists to fear attacking Americans when we are apparently afraid of raccoons and squirrels? How do we expect (so called) Hezbollah to fear attacking Israel, when the Israeli response is less than obliterative? How, especially, when the world rewards them by attacking even the minimum Israeli response an over-reaction and even a war-crime?

Are we really such cowards? Are we really willing to submit to sharia world-wide rather than do what is required to defeat them? Are we really willing to cower before raccoons and lose our pets and get rabies rather than swing an axe through the back of a raccoon? Tell me it’s not so. Tell me we just haven’t woken up yet. Please!

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3 Responses to Why Do the Islamofascists Believe They Will Win?

  1. I read them both. They’re right on! (Sad to say.)

  2. rekrapt says:

    The West won’t believe in the threat until the Taliban is beating the doors down with machine guns.

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