Why Do We Carry Guns?

The other day I received an email chiding me for my pro gun stance. The author said that honestly could not understand why I would support such behavior and asked “exactly why do you think people should carry guns?” This is an excellent question, and I thought that answering here for the benefit of all would be a more efficient way of spreading the word than responding to my correspondent directly.

I carry a gun in order to be able to shoot people.

I know, that’s not the sort of answer which is acceptable in polite company. Unfortunately it is the truth and so I may have to excuse myself from polite company for this conversation.

You see, some situations call for a violent and mortal response. There are people in this world who will take your life or your property by violent force.
Reason will not prevail with these people. The police will not arrive in time to protect you or your family from them. It is left to you to defend yourself. If you are unprepared to deliver that response when it is called for, you or your loved ones may survive the encounter but it will only be by chance. Life and liberty require vigorous defense if you wish to be worthy of them.

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