Vis wz. 1935

A good friend showed me one of these recently:
It is the Vis wz. 1935 of Poland, commonly called the Radom in English speaking locales. I had never seen one so I decided to learn what I could about it and thought I would share what I have discovered. The pistol is a recoil operated, locked breech pistol utilizing John Browning’s often copied linkless locking system. It has a grip safety like the 1911 and the frame-mounted decocker. It was chambered for the 9x19mm Parabellum. Prototype development began in ~1930 after the Pols decided not to license the Czech vz. 28 and to develop a domestic model instead. The resulting pistol was made at the Radom plant with the assistance of Fabrique National engineers working under contract and was adopted by the Polish military as the model of (19)35. After the Poland was overrun in 1939, production continued and the weapon was used by the German army until the Radom factory was destroyed by the Russians in 1945. In 1992, the Lucznik Arms Factory in Radom began producing them in limited numbers for the collector’s market.

The example I handled was well made and quite comfortable in the hand. The owner, who is a fine gun handler, says they shoot quite well. I’ve read that quality declined significantly in the later production pieces, which were made with slave labor during the German occupation, so be careful of what you are getting if you ever purchase one.

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