U.S. must prove it’s a staying power

Mark Steyn, writing in the Chicago Sun-Times, lays it out on the line as usual. Read the whole thing but here is his conclusion:

It doesn’t work like that. Whatever it started out as, Iraq is a test of American seriousness. And, if the Great Satan can’t win in Vietnam or Iraq, where can it win? That’s how China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Venezuela and a whole lot of others look at it. “These Colors Don’t Run” is a fine T-shirt slogan, but in reality these colors have spent 40 years running from the jungles of Southeast Asia, the helicopters in the Persian desert, the streets of Mogadishu. … To add the sands of Mesopotamia to the list will be an act of weakness from which America will never recover.

As pointed out previously, the only way we lose this hand is if we fold. Unfortunately, that’s what we voted for.

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